Let’s Rally Together!

I recently submitted an application for a six week metabolism program.  I thought I was lucky that I was accepted into it only to discover it would cost me $1000 for the beta version meaning there are no success stories or anything to make me feel good and fuzzy about spending that type of money.  Needless to say I politely declined.

I have spent a lot of money on many different kinds of professionals to help me improve my metabolism but in the end I keep coming to realize that I know myself better than anyone else and that I need to find what works best for me.  I have educated myself to the best of my ability over the past 5 years and now it is time to use what I have learned in a self study.

I am looking for women who would like to go through this journey with me.  Maybe you too have tried to improve your metabolism but have not made much progress.  Or, you feel like me and don’t want to keep spending money only to find out it was just more money wasted.

I would like to start a support group for those of us women who want to improve our metabolism with no cost.  A group that we can bounce ideas off of each others, ask questions of one another and just share out stories and journeys to health.  I will start a facebook group for those who would like to participate.  I would also hold a weekly optional call where we can check in with progress and bounce questions and ideas off of one another and we can all work together to reach optimal health.

I would like to build a group that will start working together in September.  Please comment or email me if you are interested and I will add you to the Facebook group and we can start communicating and working together and supporting each other and sharing what we have learned.

I look forward to beginning this journey of support, strength, and achievement of a good healthy metabolism!

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